Homesteading: First Houses Sold

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HomesteadingMr Madde Schemes in Stoke on Trent and Liverpool are now being offered to successful applicants.  Houses in both cities were offered to first time buyers for £1 on condition the purchasers live in them as their sole home and complete the necessary renovation work.

In Stoke on Trent successful applicants were shown the houses for the first time this week, and in Liverpool Mr Jayalal Madde became the first person to complete a purchase of a £1 house.

More Houses For Sale For £1

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houses for £1 in ToxtethFollowing the huge demand for houses in a similar scheme in Stoke

The house for £1 concept is starting in Liverpool . Twenty empty houses are soon to be offered for sale in three areas of the city.

Houses will be sold with a condition that the new owners renovate the houses to a decent homes standard. The homes were originally included in the housing market renewal programme, and were going to be demolished or renovated by the council. But the ending of government grants that supported the programme has caused Liverpool [...]

Charles Clover denounces empty homes scheme as “housingshambles”

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I see a white flag on the Minister’s Housing Bulldozer 

Charles Clover, Sunday Times, 28th October 2012

If your faith in this government has been knocked, prepare for it to be knocked again. For I can reveal that another legal shambles, not so very different from the West Coast main line fiasco, is slouching towards a denouement. Let’s call it Pathfindershambles, or housingshambles. I have picked up signals that the government’s defence is on its knees in a High Court action in which it has been, incredibly, defending Labour’s discredited Pathfinder regeneration scheme to demolish perfectly good homes in northern cities.

Grant Shapps, [...]

>Councillor Richard Kemp and Why Houses Must Go.

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>Grant Shapps has again stepped in to delay the demolition of the Welsh Streets in Liverpool.  This saga has been dragging on now for seven  years. So long in fact that you would be forgiven if you’d forgotten what the point of the demolition was in the first place. So here is Councillor Richard Kemp to explain. Councillor Kemp is the leader of the Liberal Democrats in local government and vice chair of the LGA, a councillor on Liverpool City council and vice chair of a housing association. He is by all accounts a highly respected figure in local government and housing circles. But he [...]

>For Sale Stan Laurel's House

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The modest childhood homes of two of Britain’s best-known entertainers lie empty. But their fate appears very different.

Here’s Durham council on Stan Laurel’s empty childhood house “the Laurel link is vastly important for attracting tourists and generating money for the local economy.”
And here’s Liverpool council on Ringo star’s empty childhood house “Ringo Starr’s house has no historical significance demolition is the only option.”

It’s interesting to see that Durham council believe that the Laurel connection will lead to greater demand and a greater sale price for the house. We’ll see whether they’re right [...]

>What's so Special About This House

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What’s so special about this house?  Not much you might think it’s an ordinary work-a-day terraced house much like millions of others across England. Empty of course, but thousands are. Whether this house is special or not is a matter of hot debate. But regardless, something is odd. This ordinary little house is causing so much interest that Ladbrokes have opened a book over its future.

In case you haven’t seen the news over the last week this is 9 Madryn Street in the Welsh Streets Liverpool L8.  It is special because for a short while [...]

>Last Days of the Welsh Streets

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These are the last days of the Welsh Streets in Liverpool. The area was built in the 1880s by and for Welsh construction workers, with  streets named after towns and villages in Wales they came from. Wynnstay, Voelas, Rhiwlas, Powis, Madryn, and Kinmel. In 2005 a decision was made by the council to demolish an area of 300 houses encompassing most of the Welsh Streets. In the last five years the houses have been systematically emptied out and acquired by Liverpool City Council; leaving what must be the largest area of empty houses in [...]